Thursday, August 26, 2010

What do you get when you cross a 9 mile per hour chicken with 130 mph Porsche sports car

Inside the flying Porsche, Mr. Cool was set to impress the new maiden which sat inside. Oh she was impressed alright, screaming slow down and then the accident occurred. The chicken shot through the windshield basically exploding on impact, spraying an uncooked version of that mush that�s inside McDonald�s chicken nuggets, all of her new white gown and fancy hair. Lucky for both, that poultry projectile passed between them without either losing their heads something insurance obviously would not cover.Mr. Chicken was not so lucky though, he died on impact at least that is what is in the coroners report. Mr. Chicken leaves behind 14 widow hens and 72 fatherless chicks due to one mans need to impress a girl. All isn�t with justice though; the pretty girl threw up in his lap, slapped him and went home with the single farmer that owned the chicken....
[Source: News Weird Magazine]

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