Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to please a woman 11 tips to be the perfect man

Just want to stipulate that all of what you read in this article is the only recommendations; following which, you are much more likely to be liked by women, rather than being ignored by them. Again, the order listed below of male qualities is not as important as their availability. Well, now we can begin to list the most important men of quality, possessing which you �risk� like almost every woman and no matter what was going on, about a woman at school, at work, in cafes or anywhere else. How to please a woman? Here are 11 tips to be the perfect man.I think that these items will be more than enough to be liked by a woman. Of course, this is just the recommendations and implementing them is not necessary. You like a woman and not doing any of these tips. After all, we are different; we all have different tastes and preferences. However, the majority of women still give preference to a man who will meet all the requirements of this list.Note that in order to please a woman you should also be a measure of romantic, secure, punctual, and respectful to her and her family, gentle, affectionate and even 1001 version. But most importantly, you should be yourself. You do not need to be an actor and attribute non-existing qualities, because sooner or later you puncture, no matter how cool. And women are not so stupid as to not distinguish desirable from the real. Just be yourself and respect the woman and a path to the heart of each one of us - is different, and find it does not help none of the recommendations , even the most well-known guru in the affairs of the heart...
[Source: News Weird Magazine]

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