Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What is the proper method to open bottle champagne and serving a glass to your lover

After the champagne bottle has chilled and cloth or something wrapped around to help hold it taught, it is now time to slowly squeeze the neck and work the cap till it blows the top.
the bottle should be wrapped with a napkin so as close to the label. Then it will be convenient to hold between the legs. If you're doing the opening of champagne, do it on the kitchen, where guests do not make you nervous. And if you like, open it in front of the audience, but first make sure the proper operation of wire on the bottle (if you simply unscrew it and break it off, the entire wire frame immediately jumped out.)Be very careful not to shake the bottle, otherwise when you open shoot it, which is extremely undesirable, although many like it.Now, when you removed the wire, take a bottle at an angle to the surface of the floor, her bottom upright himself in the chest and try to make the neck has not been pointed either to the candles, or any of the guests. Carefully loosen the cork, slowly scrolling through her thumb and forefinger. While some prefer to insure the wrapping cloth over the cap, it is not necessary, if you feel that you are completely in control of ...
[Source: News Weird Magazine]

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