Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Japanese inventor creates an ingenious way to make your kids smile

Remember going to visit grandma as a child and your parents telling you to be sure and smile and act like you are happy to see her? I guess all parents have gone through that at some point, wanting their children to put on a fake smile while out in public. Well worry no more because a Japanese inventor creates an ingenious way to make your kids smile.This new invention just hooks on your childs ears like glasses while another portion fits snuggly under the chin. Ok so what is the twist? How about electro shock treatment? Yes the portion under the chin sends a constant pulse of electricity through your childs cheeks.Set the electro smile unit on high and snap that smile right into place, no more worries about grandma feeling the kids are not happy to see her. The sudden jolt of electricity in the jaw muscles forces the child to smile with complete body excitement giving grandma the appearance the kids have really missed her.So far the only side effects have been slight twitching of the kids heads during normal time such as during class or sleeping. The slight side effect is well worth it though considering granny doesnt have many years left to live and seeing those happy faces means so much to her. Grab your electro smile today and see ...
[Source: News Weird Magazine]

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