Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shocking image of Tabloid Santa caught on film the day after delivering gifts

Have you ever wondered what exactly Santa does after making all those Christmas deliveries of toys all over the world to little boys and girls? Well if it is a success he stops off on his way home to take a nip or four of brew. Mrs. Santa would have a fit if she knew. I wonder if they have internet at the North Pole because Santa is going to be splattered all over facebook and twitter. Ho Ho Ho
All children of Earth eagerly awaited the arrival of the most wonderful and magical holidays - Christmas and New Year. If Santa had not had time for the holiday, many children will not have received their gifts, but that could never be allowed. Santa and his elves worked very hard, day and night, to make all deliveries on time and pulled it off without a hitch. Ever wonder what Santa does the day after delivering all those presents? Shocking image of Tabloid Santa caught on film the day after delivering gifts.But the unexpected happened on the way back to the North Pole. Christmas Santa's sleigh crashed during a terrible snowstorm and Santa somehow was left wandering in the woods naked. At the right moment a somewhat brave beast with a kind heart was ready to save the magical holiday spirit with special spirits brewed from a still.The unusual Santa Claus and his partner ran out of wonderful brew and robbed another store. Moreover, in the past, he served in prison, was not just once married but now is a vicious womanizer and drunkard. It is really bad, unbearable Santa! In a magical forest Santa found a still and filled up on brew looks like a...
[Source: News Weird Magazine]

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