Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sudden death syndrome takes 18-year-old Briton after her number one kiss

Be careful this Valentines Day because kissing can claim your life. Sudden death syndrome in young adults is extremely rare but when it strikes it causes devastation among family and friends.
In the UK 18-year-old girl passes away immediately after their first kiss in front of astonished fans. Sudden death syndrome takes 18-year-old Briton after her number one kissIt was established that the evening before his death, Jemma spent in town with her boyfriend, Daniel Ross, and then they came to his house because he forgot his ATM card. They kissed, she sat on the sofa - and her eyes rolled back, his mouth twisted and she lost consciousness and died. The cause of death of Jemma Benjamin doctors says was sudden death syndrome.Efforts to revive her before the arrival of ambulance have failed and the investigation found that help for her was basically impossible. Jemma's parents said she showed no symptoms and was very healthy and physically strong, well-sailed long distances, and played hockey.From the syndrome of sudden death in Britain each year claims the lives of some 500 peopleSudden unexplained death syndrome was first noted in 1977 among Hmong refugees in the US. The disease was again noted in Singapore, when a retrospective survey of records showed that 230 otherwise healthy Thai men died suddenly of unexplained causes between 1982 and 1990: In the Philippines, SUDS affects 43 per 100,000 per year among young Filipinos. Most of the victims are young males.
[Source: News Weird Magazine]

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