Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How ladies carry a cell phone to clubs without taking a handbag they use the new panties pouch

These days it is all about the image when going out on the weekends. Girls want to look slim and sassy, not conservative and covered. The evening out is meant for fun and dancing and no time or place for a handbag. But how ladies carry a cell phone to clubs without taking a handbag? A girl can not leave her cell phone at home, no way. She can never lose touch with all her friends, but where to carry a cell phone while wearing a skin tight dress? She could try a wrist strap; however that would most likely get in the way all the time. She might also try the new cell phone panties pouch; it keeps the phone hidden and safe and certainly always close. The built in pouch can serve many interesting functions. If the lady is afraid she won�t hear a call, she simply places her ringer on vibrate. This could allow for added excitement on her evening out. She may also become addicted to the vibrate mode and deliberately not answer in hopes of repeated calls. Remember that the next time she doesn�t answer your calls ;) ...
[Source: News Weird Magazine]

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