Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is it Extreme piercing or body art when man gets stabbed in the head and lives

Back in February, 23 year old Samuel Ibragimov was walking along the Russian highway trying to flag down drivers of private cars. A Taxi finally stopped and Samuel deciding he had found easy prey, sat in the front seat. Samuel then pulled out a gas air pistol and started threatening the taxi driver and demanding money. Mr. Bomb the driver didn�t take to well to the young mans threats and suddenly produced a weapon of his own, a folding hunting knife and politely plunged into the robbers head.Decorated with a blade sticking out of his head, the robber ran off screaming and caught the eye of a passing police patrol. Police were not immediately able to detain the suspect and spent about half an hour hiding from the police and even got frostbitten toes. The nimble robber was finally caught and taken to the nearest hospital. Other Patients and doctors themselves could not believe their eyes....
[Source: News Weird Magazine]

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